What Is Knowledge?


Our AI supercomputer Collosus analyzed the entire internet in January of this year, 2019. This analysis immensely expanded the empirical foundations for our science of pneumiatric empirical epistemology. Dr. Bisconti presents the results of the internet analysis and provides the definitive (final) answer to the question “What is knowledge?” This book is free to Hub Premium Members.

What Is Knowledge?

The “L” in “RealiLty”

The “L” in “RealiLty” stands for Lincoln reality.  A Lincoln reality is a reality confirmed by the Lincoln System.  The Lincoln System is the set of principles that identify what is real and what is true and that are followed by every member of the human race except for the .0000001% of abnormal thinkers.

Age of Liars

We live in the age of liars.  Liars are everywhere, from government officials to stock brokers to medical doctors to members of every other profession and group imaginable.  Now, however, we have a foolproof way of knowing who the liars are – the Lincoln System.

Fact Super Checkers

We check the fact checkers; we are fact super checkers. Once we do our research, analysis, and evaluation, we present screenshots, photographs, and videos from their websites. We, then, provide you with two things: (1) our conclusions and (2) a space for you to provide your own conclusions. So far, your conclusions have agreed with our conclusions 7,000,033 out of 7,000,033 times.

We use SMQTs (Studies Matrix Questions Tests) and IQSs (Idea Quick Scorecards).

Reality Versus Truth

The words “reality” and “truth” mean the same thing; however, the word “reality” suggests a physical object while truth is conceived of as a statement.  Also, one’s concept (idea) of truth is commonly hypostatized; that is, virtually everyone unconsciously mistakes their concept of truth to, in effect, be a part of the definition of “truth.”  In other words, virtually everyone (incorrectly) believes that a truth is a type of statement.

Principle 6: Priority

Morality has priority over reality.

For example, you are in a forest, walking on a path.  You come upon a fork (split) in the path.  Suddenly, a man runs past you and onto the left branch of the fork.  A minute later, a dozen, known Muslim terrorists run up to you and ask, “Which way did the man go?”  The reality (true) answer is that he ran left.  The morality (protecting) answer is that he ran right.  Unless you are a moral pervert, you say to the terrorists, “He ran right.”

Principle 7: Twisted Minds

Some people are brought up in cultures that twist (warp) their minds when they are children; for example, the majority (based on a scientific survey of one million Muslims in every country on earth –  “The Kline Survey” – we will be publishing the Kline Survey and other studies on our website) of Muslims.  This is most evidenced in the original concept of jihad.

Principle 10: Overlap

The Bible, psychology, psychiatry, secular science, philosophy, and other intellectual disciplines overlap (agree) on all of the Lincoln Principles, the principles which make up the Lincoln System, which we are teaching on this website.  We will be providing over one million citations to prove this indisputable fact.