Principle 76: Correlation

The correlation between the unconscious mind and the Biblical and ancient conception of God is astounding.  Everything that is true of the unconscious mind is true of God.

Bible and Ancient Authors

The Bible and other ancient authors teach that the unconscious mind actually is God.  For example, the Bible and ancient authors quoted by the Bible say in Acts 17:28:

For [nonphysically] in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets [ancient authors] have said, For we are also his offspring [ancient author quote].

Another example, Romans 1:19 says:

Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath [has] shewed [showed] it unto them.

Behavioral Sciences

Knowledge about the unconscious mind in behavioral science literature is encyclopedic.  Freud and Jung are just two sources of knowledge about the unconscious mind and, remember, they were scientists, basing their knowledge on decades of personal, experimental (relating to scientific procedures) observationsThe millions of bits of information about the unconscious mind in our possession today agree perfectly with the Biblical and ancient author conception of God.  This conclusion is easier to understand if you simply think of the unconscious mind as being a person.

Principle 73: Guilt

The mental health fields (psychiatry, psychology, etc.) make people feel guilty when they have no reason to feel guilty.  Mental health science, Pneumiatry, never makes people feel guilty when they have no reason to feel guilty.

Principle 72: Platinum Chemistry

Platinum Chemistry is the chemistry that is not taught in chemistry classes; especially, neurochemistry classes.  Neurochemistry informs (influences) the reasoning, decisions, and practice of neurology, psychiatry, and pharmaceutical companies.  The number of Platinum Chemistry Principles is now over one billion and growing.  Virtually all neurologists, psychiatrists, and pharmaceutical companies are still ignorant of the Platinum Chemistry Principles and many people have died as a result.  Note that the science of Pneumiatry includes the Platinum Chemistry Principles.